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Over the past few years there has been a number of articles published about HTML5, and the number of sites that are using it is on the rise. But what is HTML5? It is the newest member of the HTML (HyperText Markup Language) family. Most of us have heard about it but what does it really do? Simply put HTML, is the language of the internet, it provides the structure of web pages on the internet. The idea behind it, is to make the language as easy as possible to understand and is used across all platforms from desktop PCs to mobiles.
So not only is the HTML5 code a lot simpler, cleaner and easier to understand than previous versions, there are a few new additions to the language, such as section> <nav>, <article>, <aside>, <hgroup>, <header>, <footer>, and <time>, which before were a lot trickier and long winded to code.

Video & audio support is integrated, meaning you can forget about installing flash players and other plugins. HTML5 now includes <video> and <audio> tags that make it possible. The video and audio integration is so much easier with HTML5 coding than previous versions.

Web storage is now a possibility with HTML5, web pages are able to store data locally within your browser. With HTML5 it is much quicker and secure, it will only provide the information when requested.

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