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Website Design

Your website is the key to your online business success. It’s a one-stop-shop for your marketing, sales, promotions, advertising and customer engagement needs. Its value is priceless.
So how much would you spend on a key ingredient for your business success?
Leading British home and garden retailer B&Q recently spent more than $100 million on a massive makeover for their responsive eCommerce website and back-end system.


Basically to make the shopping experience better for their customers, and to ensure things work smoothly behind the scenes.
As a customer, if you compare the two sites there isn’t much difference between the two visually, but from a performance measure there is a huge difference for B&Q customers.
Businesses of all sizes are acknowledging the impact digital marketing has on their sales. In 2013, online store Amazon invested almost $200 million on online advertising, so they could be found easily.
So when it comes to your website what are you willing to spend?
To properly understand the process of web development you should first understand that a standalone figure can be hard, due to the complexity of the task.
Forbes said it perfectly when suggesting a one off quote is nearly impossible and that wed design and web development should be viewed as a service not a product.

Not only does it require many hands of work and many hours of labour, but if done correctly it also includes regular hosting and maintenance of your site.
Web design and development is completely subjective, can be priced in many different ways and what may be expensive to you could be relatively cheap for your competitors.

Recent findings suggest companies spend around 2.5% of their annual revenue on digital marketing including website development, website design and social media, and 41% of companies say they are saving money with digital marketing compared to traditional marketing methods and reinvesting the savings into more digital marketing for their business.
So when considering the amount of revenue it costs overall to invest in digital marketing including responsive websites, and the statistics suggesting the success of digital marketing, what price would you place on your website?